Seasonal family food: Autumn

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Since having the allotment, I’ve tried to base the meals we eat as a family around the crops that are in season. If a meal goes by without including a least one ingredient from the allotment I’m kicking myself. Somehow I’ve managed to ensure there’s always something I can pick from the plot, even through the winter. Obviously in the summer months there’s a glut of fruit and veg and it’s difficult to eat everything, but even in the autumn and the winter, there’s always something we can proudly say we grew from seed. Last year’s Christmas dinner featured home grown Brussels Sprouts which I picked Christmas Day morning. I had to pop over to wish the plot a Merry Christmas, after all it’s provided for us.

Although I like try new recipes to keep the time I spend in the kitchen interesting, once I find something that I enjoy cooking and eating I’ll tend to repeat that recipe over and over again, until I know it off by heart. Those recipes tend to become my recipes of the season. I had several in the summer and now I have a few that I’ve repeated a few times in September and October. I wish I’d recorded the summer ones in a blog, but I never got around to it. I might come back to it later…

It’s nearing the end of October already, so there’s been a good few new recipes attempted, using the crops in season at the allotment. The plot-grown ingredients that I’ve been basing my cooking on this autumn have been:

  • Butternut Squash (So far only used Hunter F1 although I have others to try)
  • Sweet Potato (so far shop bought, but plan to dig mine up tomorrow)
  • Kale (Black Kale / Cavolo Nero)
  • Onions, Shallots and Garlic (various)
  • Apples (very old tree in our garden)

Here are the recipes I’ve enjoyed, so far, this Autumn:

Baked chicken pieces with butternut squash and walnuts

img_1784(Source: Sainsbury’s)

Butternut chilli

(Source: BBC Good food)

Normandy pot roast chicken with apples

(Source: Tesco real food)

Healing Vegan Stew

(Source: Cook. Eat. Love. by Fearne Cotton)

What’s your favourite Autumn recipe?

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