Video: Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

Haphazard footage from the first ever sweet potato harvest from the plot. It didn’t go that great. I was hoping for more. I don’t think it was warm enough this year and I didn’t invest in cloches. But, lessons learnt and I will probably try again next year.

Anyone know of a good 1m2 cloche, for cheaper than buying a kilo of sweet potatoes?

Variety I grew was this one from Sutton Seeds/James Wong:


3 thoughts on “Video: Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

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  1. Your daughter’s camera work is adorable! Interesting result with the sweet potatoes. I didn’t think we could grow them at all over here in the U.K. I’m sure I’ve seen people grow them in hay/straw before, which might be worth a bit of research!

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      1. I usually plant my potatoes in March/April. I wonder is sweet potatoes are the same? I might have to look into giving them a go next year! Thanks for the inspiration.


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