About Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a very keen, amateur kitchen gardener. I take an enormous amount of pride in my allotment and I’m so keen to ensure my two young kids get involved and interested in growing their own food too.

I took on my plot in January 2016 and won “the newcomer plot” in Woking borough that first year, which was a great honour. But the greatest prize is hearing my little kids say things like:

Imagine how good this would taste if we had grown it“, and

We need to weed the plot so that the weeds don’t take food and water away from our vegetables“, and

Mummy you’re a great cook, we have a cupboard full of your homemade jam“.

Those are the highest endorsements I could ever ask for for my efforts at the plot and for my aims with this blog.

I believe kids should understand where food comes from and what is involved in growing food. Only then can they understand how precious food is, how amazing and valuable the soil and sun are and why rain is important even though it may ruin our picnic plans. If they can sow their own seeds with their tiny clumbsy fingers, experience the pain-staking patience required waiting for that first seedling to sprout and the miracle of a flower transforming into a bean or berry which they can pick themselves and eat directly from the plant, they know everything that they really need to know.

IMG_0078.JPGAnd there’s no harm making that experience a fun and beautiful one. I try to involve me kids in every aspect of the allotment, they have their own little raised beds, but I’ve also designed the whole plot to be child-friendly and an attractive and fun place to be.

This blog is an account and diary of our allotment life, our learnings and our achievements. It features short video tours the plot, written records of our progress, ideas of gardening activities to do with children and notes from gardens and allotments we’ve visited.  I hope you enjoy it.

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